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SmartWisdom® is a set of revolutionary next generation note-taking techniques designed to, and scientifically proven to, enhance your ability to listen, concentrate, understand, question and record simultaneously.

With SmartWisdom® you can now do this real-time; in all your meetings, presentations, lectures, and other information intensive situations. This helps you achieve your true potentialTM and gain a competitive edge.

SmartWisdom® really helps me concentrate during events and during meetings

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(Learnt SmartWisdom 2011​)

Enhance 10 key cognitive skills

SmartWisdom®’s next-generation note-taking helps you enhance 10 key cognitive skills, addressing many of the common information challenges in your work and study.


& Connecting




Ideas & Insights





SmartWisdom® is backed by
Cognitive Neuroscience

The SmartWisdom® process of “Knowledge Harvesting” (next generation note-taking) is all about

  • Identifying key information
  • Breaking it up into “Knowledge Stems” (single words)
  • Reconnecting it back together again, in real-time
  • Using our unique SmartWisdom® template to create a knowledge structure which gives you real-time glance access.

All this has been scientifically proven (in 2009 and 2011) to increase your real-time understanding of new information by an average of 20% to 23%!

Increases real-time understanding by an average of 20% to 23%

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Learn the next-generation note-taking techniques and gain that competitive edge over most, if not all, listeners, note-takers and laptop users. This will help you to stand out in work and life!

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to some of our success story testimonials. Once you take our programme you become an Information Athlete®!

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